Our consumer expectations are changing, we’re growing into new markets, we need to be faster and more profitable, what does this mean for how we are organized? 

Organisational Design is not a quick fix,  the objective is to create a sustainable, future focused organisation. Each process is different but at 60,000 feet here’s what we’ll do;  

  • As always, it starts with your strategy, how will your business change, what are your objectives, consumer types, competitor challenges? 
  • We will agree what capabilities you need where and when, grouping and scaling allows us to form your future organisation
  • Often on paper everything looks great but stress testing it, checking systems and processes to make sure we didn’t miss anything
  • It doesn’t stop there, we’ll also work through communication, engagement and transition management plans

I’m a senior leader, I have a strategic business plan and I need a people plan, I’m not sure of the best way to do this?

For the last ten years my work has been forming effective people plans, aligned with the business strategic planning cycle, working with leaders, HR teams and employees to create plans which address true business needs. 

I will be your thinking partner ensuring we both understand your business plan, what’s going to make the biggest impact, which levers do you want to pull when and why, what are your biggest strengths, priorities and threats? 

We'll plan your workforce requirements, talent needs, engagement approaches and much more. The end result; a people plan that will deliver increased employee engagement and results. 

I have just finished my three-year strategic plan, I realize our product and go to market strategies are significantly going to change, what does this mean for my leadership team? 

The macro environment changes by the minute impacting business strategies. The leadership team in place today won’t be the one to deliver your long term future results. 

Talent Management is key, we will work through your strategy and form a plan to deliver the right talent, in the right place and the right time with the right capabilities. 

Talent planning can also include developing; 

  • Employee value propositions 
  • High potential programs 
  • Disciplined talent management practices
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies

I’m a senior leader, I would benefit from having someone to help me organise the thoughts that keep me up at night or the lightbulb moments I have when driving to work.

I am not a life or sports coach; however, I am a qualified business performance coach. Over the last 15 years I have worked with senior business and HR leaders, entrepreneurs and young adults, helping them to structure their thoughts, raise awareness and take accountability with great results. 

I’ll be honest my approach isn’t rocket science but it works. We'll work through what great looks like, where you want to go, where are you now and how do you address the gap. I have various tools including 360, Total SDI, strengths finder but first we will get really clear on the objective before proposing the solutions. 

The great news is the above approach also works with teams.  

I’m a senior HR Leader, I love my job, I have a great team but I would benefit from having someone to bounce ideas off, challenge me and help me think differently.

Reflecting now on my career in HR I realize how much more effective I could have been had I put on my own oxygen mask before helping others. 

I can help senior HR Leaders by being their trusted advisor, as they are to their business partners and HR team. Having the ability to bring an objective view balanced with experiential empathy I can support HR leaders and their teams to be even more effective including;

  • Co-forming people plans which are stress tested against the business strategy
  • Aligning HR teams on vision, purpose, principles and objectives 
  • Facilitating HR Team effectiveness sessions 
  • Mentoring HR professionals to ensure every opportunity to own the seat at the table is credibly and confidently taken.